A spotlight has been turned onto the mysterious business of cannabis in the Emerald Triangle. Everyone is talking about us, but are we a part of the conversation?

Editorial Mission Statement

The Emerald Tribune is a blog for the cannabis industry, by the cannabis industry. If you’re curious about life in the Emerald Triangle, or you want to learn more about how weed is made, our site is for you.

Based in the heart of cannabis country; Humboldt County, California, we share true stories and document real life experiences from inside the cannabis trade. We provide a peek behind the Redwood Curtain with exclusive insider access to the farms and businesses that supply the world with California’s best cannabis.

We share insightful true stories about real people at all stages and levels of the cannabis industry. We investigate the truth behind the marketing. We aim to capture every moment of the transition towards legalization.

Our readers can expect to learn the real truth about what goes on behind scenes in the weed business, warts and all. Cannabis users can learn about the people who bring their weed to market. Regulators can learn about the real life impacts of the laws that they write. Cannabis entrepreneurs can take comfort in reading about the struggles that they all share in a regulated era. Everyone can enjoy our original weekly Canna-Comics.

The Emerald Tribune aims to:

  • Capture this unique moment in time, as Emerald Triangle cannabis enters a new age
  • Record and document the transitional phases of legalization in California and beyond
  • Lead the conversation and identify priorities as the industry evolves
  • Give voice to all the members of our diverse and growing cannabis community


We do not promote or advocate all of the views that we share on the website. Our aim is to represent all of the voices in our diverse and growing community. We want to provide an accurate and fair history of the Emerald Triangle cannabis industry.

Most stories are presented without editorial comment. Stories that we share do not always represent the views and opinions of The Emerald Tribune. Only posts authored by The Emerald Tribune can be assumed to represent the views and opinions of The Emerald Tribune.

We do not condone or accept all of the views and practices that we share on the site. Our contributors provide us with stories and articles in their personal capacity. Opinions expressed in these stories belong to the authors. We won’t shy away from controversial topics, and we are happy to present two conflicting views on the same issue.