How I told my traditional parents that I’m marrying a London escort

My parents are very traditional and did not believe me when I first told that I was going to marry a girl who used to work for a At first, I was not sure if I should tell them, but I did not know how I would be able to explain my girlfriend’s glamorous lifestyle. She has a nice car and a top floor apartment in London, and she is only 27 years old. At the same time, I knew that I would not want to lie to them. Working for of was something that she had done in the past and was not any longer involved with.


How did my parents take it? They did look a bit shocked at first when I told them the lovely girl that they had met the other day used to work for an elite I am not sure what my dad thought. He had sort of a funny look in his wife and a little smile played on his lips. Perhaps he was not so disappointed in my girlfriend after all. My mom was not angry. Instead, she seemed much more interested in knowing that my girlfriend had a decent profession now as she called it.

After my girlfriend had left she had sat up her own nail bar in London. She had done well for herself at and had been able to take over a South London business. However, she had learned at that you needed to work hard and she was soon busy business building. The nail bar was doing really great and I know that she had put her career far behind her. She was keen to move on and had told my parents about her future plans. I could tell that both of them were impressed by this young lady who was also charming.


The next day when I back to see them, I did feel obliged to explain to them about My dad had asked mu girlfriend how she could afford to have her own business, drive a nice car and own an apartment. Instead of lying to them, I decided that I would explain. When I first met my girlfriend, I had realised that it may be a bit of a problem. But I also knew that if my parents really tried, they could take it all in their stride.


That was six months ago Fortunately for me, things have worked out between all of us. I know that I am an only child so I guess that my parents did not want to lose me. Like I said to them, I loved my girlfriend and had no intention of giving her up, Sometimes you just have to stand up for what you believe in. Sure, having a girlfriend who used to work for an elite service can be a little bit challenging at times. She is certainly more career minded than other girlfriends that I have had but that is a good thing. Since we been together I have started to work harder. And guess what, my parents are proud of both of us and seem to love my girlfriend to bits.

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