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Tired of seeing our industry trashed in the media? Are you frustrated by the inaccurate and negative stories that get all the attention? Are you worried about big business coming in and shaping the industry, and public perception, in their own favor?

We are too. That’s why we’ve launched emeraldtribune.comabout

We at The Emerald Tribune think it’s time to tell the truth about the industry, help raise the level of all local farmers, and advocate for local control and respect for our way of life.

The Emerald Tribune is where we tell the world what’s really going on, from those who know.

People don’t want to hear about the cannabis industry, they want to hear from the cannabis industry.

The Emerald Tribune is here to tell your story. The time is now.

Tell us your story-you can write it yourself, or we’ll connect you with a professional writer to help you say what you feel.

Email us, at contact@emeraldtribune.com

About The Tribune

The Emerald Tribune team is based in Humboldt County, California. 



Avalon Jones is a writer and cannabis evangelist from Sacramento, California. She first got involved with the cannabis industry as a budtender at a medical marijuana dispensary. She moved to Humboldt to earn an MBA with a focus on Sustainable Business. After graduation, she joined the Emerald Tribune as a freelance writer, and the rest is history!