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Weekly Roundup

The Emerald Tribune

80% of California-grown cannabis at HempCon in August failed lab tests for microbes, pesticides, or residual solvents

Will California cannabis growers be able to meet the state’s strict requirements for lab testing?

French researchers have concluded that a cannabis “breathalyzer” is probably impossible

Intellectual property rights and patents for cannabis are already becoming big business for large investment firms

Lagunitas Brewing debuts a limited edition beer enriched with cannabis terpenes

Is the Veterans Administration blocking research into cannabis as a treatment for PTSD?

What does it cost to run Eaze, an app that delivers weed in 20 minutes or less?

The Emerald Tribune publishes a Weekly Roundup of Cannabis Industry News each Friday. We are very grateful to the reporters and news organizations who make these weekly roundups possible.

Pic of the Week

Every week we select a photo from the local community to highlight as part of our cannabis news roundup. This week we chose from the #HumboldtCounty hashtag on Instagram. 

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This week's Pic of the Week by ShotCallerCA on Instagram

This week’s Pic of the Week by ShotCallerCA on Instagram

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