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Weekly Roundup

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Redwood Roots dispensary in Benbow is one step closer to reality


Gorilla Glue brand glue sues Gorilla Glue brand weed over copyright infringement


High demand for legal weed in Hawaii clears out the state’s first dispensary in days


The Emerald Tribune publishes a Weekly Roundup of Cannabis Industry News each Friday. We are very grateful to the reporters and news organizations who make these weekly roundups possible.

Pic of the Week

Every week we select a photo from the local community to highlight as part of our cannabis news roundup. This week we chose from the #EmeraldTriangle hashtag on Instagram. 

You can submit your photos with the hashtag #EmeraldTribune on Instagram posts, or by emailing us at contact@emeraldtribune.com. If we pick your submission, you could win an Emerald Tribune swag bag!

You can always see more community photos in the live stream to the right! ☛

THIS WEEK’S PHOTO BY Kelley Balin Harris‎ on Facebook

THIS WEEK’S PHOTO BY Kelley Balin Harris‎ on Facebook

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