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Ready or Not, Legal Weed is Coming Out of the Closet in Arcata

The Emerald Tribune

This Saturday, August 12th, will be the first cannabis pride parade in Arcata’s history, followed by the very first event to rent out the Arcata Ballpark. The Yes We Cann Parade begins at 2pm at HSU, and leads to a Hullabaloo party from 3-10pm at the Arcata Ballpark. We spoke with Stephen Gieder of Humboldt Green about why this event was so important, and what we can look forward to.   

Emerald Tribune: Why is it important to have a cannabis pride parade right now in Arcata?

Stephen Gieder: Only a very small percentage of the outlaw community has embraced the legal opportunity. We have an epidemic to work against, but we also have an opportunity to come together and lead the world in all things cannabis.

Arcata is the cultural center of Humboldt County, and Humboldt County is the world’s most concentrated cannabis community. So I feel it’s critical for these things to happen in Arcata. We can show the rest of the state, the country, the world, and even our own community, that we can come together to create a positive change, and a sustainable future.

Yes We Cann Parade 2015

Yes We Cann Parade 2015

ET: What are you doing to fight that epidemic of non-compliance?

SG: We have been trying to get our marketing to reach as far and wide as possible, through our network of over 900 organizations and individuals.

We are really looking forward to helping educate the community about everything that’s going on, not just the compliance. There’s still a lot of education necessary about cannabis as medicine, cannabis as an adult use drug, and how these laws are going to impact our local way of life.

At the Hullabaloo, a number of experts will speak onstage about different topics. Our biggest focus is on igniting conversations about those topics. We really hope to create an environment where people can talk amongst each other, and create the support that’s necessary right now as we come together through this.

Yes We Cann Parade 2015

Yes We Cann Parade 2015

ET: How will this event be different from Cannifest in Eureka?

SG: Size and location are obviously different. At Cannifest, we had over 17 different panels, with 75 different presenters of information. Here at the Hullabaloo, we’ll have 13 different people, telling inspirational, cannabis-infused stories. This will be more of an inspirational talk. We will have only local musicians. Plus we will have mostly, if not only, local artisans, farmers, and practitioners.

Over the last couple of years, Cannifest has grown to reach outside of the community. The Hullaballoo is designed to be as local of an event as possible. The Hullabaloo is also the first event to be hosted at the ballpark besides a ballgame. So that’s something unique.

We did the parade to Cannifest, and now we’re doing the parade to the to the Hullabaloo. At the 215 medicinal area at Cannifest there is consumption on site. There will be a 215 section at the Hullabaloo, but there’s no smoking at the ballpark, so the city has asked for no consumption of any sort on site.

yes we cann

Stephen Gieder holding the event permit for the Hullabaloo

ET: What are you most excited for?

SG: I’m really excited for this parade. I think the community should come out and support this parade, be a part of it, and gain free access to the Hullabaloo.

This is our gift to the community in some sense. If everyone who wants to attend the Hullaballoo takes part in the parade, then we won’t take in any money at the event. We really want to bring the community together, so I want to see people show up in support of the community!

Join the Yes We Cann Parade in Arcata at 2pm at HSU’s 14th and Union St parking lots. The parade is free, and leads to the Hullabaloo, from 3-10pm at the Arcata Ballpark. Tickets to the Hullabaloo are free when you participate in the parade! Learn more at the Yes We Cann website and the Humboldt Green website

Cannifest 2018 will be on the weekend of May 5th!  


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