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This weekend, the Yes We Cann Parade looped around downtown Arcata, playing music and demonstrating to celebrate and promote the local cannabis industry. This was the first cannabis parade in Arcata’s history. We followed the parade and took photos so you can see what it was like to be there! 

The cannabis industry pride parade took off from HSU, home of the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, and crossed over the 101 freeway into downtown Arcata. From there, the caravan of floats, limousines, trucks, rolling rock bands, political activists, children, dogs, and goats, made a lap around the square. The parade ended at the Arcata Ballpark, where a 420- and family-friendly Hullabaloo was stretched out on the green for the rest of the evening’s entertainment.

Humboldt CBD getting set up before the parade begins

Walking with the parade up the hill from HSU

A horse and buggy led the parade

Many participants marched on foot, and hoof

Fire shot from the top of this Humboldt Green vehicle

Humboldt NORML

True Humboldt brought a plant to show off

It really felt like the whole community got involved

One of the mobile bands playing in front of Vintage Avenger

Kiskanu brought "Free the Flower" flags

This limousine made quite a statement

All of Arcata came out

Not everything was 100% cannabis related

All types of flowers were appreciated

Community members got involved

Parades are always a good time

Royal Gold had a bright float

Community Clean Up

Honeydew County Compassionate Use Project

It wouldn't be Arcata without lots of dogs!

Everyone had a blast

Parades are always fun

Arcata is a town known for its innovative experiments and its connection to the cannabis industry, so a Cannabis Pride Parade does not feel out of place. The muted political undertones of the event also felt appropriate. 

The Yes We Cann Parade marks an important step towards integrating an often misunderstood group of people into an often unwelcoming society. Where would Arcata and the rest of Humboldt County be without the cannabis industry? It’s tough to estimate exactly how much the growing community contributes to our economy.

Yes We Cann felt very different from the stuffy industry trade shows and exclusive “secret” parties that make up the majority of cannabis culture today. The parade felt as inclusive and neighborly as any other parade or march through town. Yes We Cann brought the cannabis industry conversation out of the echo chamber and into the streets.

You can learn more about Yes We Cann and the Hullabaloo by reaching out to Humboldt Green at their website

Read our interview with Stephen Gieder of Humboldt Green about their goals for the event. 

What did you think of the parade?

Should the cannabis industry be more loud and proud?


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