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New Look, Same Mission

The Emerald Tribune

Did you notice that the Emerald Tribune has a new logo? We worked with Noah Samson of Visual Concepts to modernize and re-imagine the look of our tribune.

In Ancient Rome, Tribunes were leaders chosen by the common people to represent their interests in the public forum. Tribunes, or tribuni plebis, were also expected to protect the common people from more powerful classes.  

The Emerald Tribune represents the common people of the cannabis industry. We wanted our logo to reflect the diverse and growing community of professionals and experts doing business here in the Emerald Triangle.


Our old centurion-style logo

We wanted to keep the forward-facing, sporty image of a tribune, but to bring it more into focus. We worked with Noah to slowly add details and bring our logo to life. 

The first step was to modernize and customize the Roman military helmet. The classical centurion brush shape on top of the helmet was converted into a crest of spiky green leaves. This adds an allusion to cannabis sativa that is slightly more subtle than a big green weed leaf in the middle of the helmet. 

logo update man

An initial version of the logo reboot featured a craggy male face

As you can see, at first, the tribune image was still male. In fact, adding detail to his face made him seem even more aggressive and masculine. After some consideration, we decided to soften this militaristic impression. We asked Noah, what would it look like if the tribune was a woman?

The results were exciting. Putting a fresh feminine face on cannabis just makes sense. Cannabis sativa herself is quite ladylike, since female plants are what we usually like to grow and smoke. Not to mention, this girly new face had a hint of Lady Liberty that helped symbolize the freedoms we want to stand for.

logo update blonde

An updated version featured a cute Barbie girl

After spending some time with this version, we decided that we could do even better. Even though our philosophical roots are in Ancient Rome, we didn’t feel that a polished European image represented our rich American community. We wanted her to look more approachable and a little bit more down to earth.

logo update final

Our new logo has a sporty, all-American female face

The final version of our new tribune has an authentic American profile and earthy brown hair, plus a few beauty marks and embellishments on her leafy green helmet.

We love our new look! We are very excited to help lead the conversation about cannabis, and this fresh new imagery helps us communicate our vision. The Emerald Tribune is here to show you the truth.

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Thanks to Noah Samson of Visual Concepts for bringing our vision to life!