What is a tribune?

The Emerald Tribune

When the tides are turning, times are changing and new laws are passed swiftly beneath the feet of those they will affect, who will speak on behalf of the people? Where does the true power lie?

The cannabis industry is on the verge of major, unprecedented change. With new light shining on a way of life that existed for generations in the shadows, questions and worries are bound to come up.

What’s going to happen when an underground industry gets regulated by the government and integrated into popular culture?

The Emerald Tribune has got your back. No bureaucratic red tape here, just the voice of industry professionals who give the Emerald Triangle its name.

The Tribune is more than just a catchy name for a news publication. It’s a title with history dating back to Ancient Rome, bestowed on citizens elected to check the power of the senate and magistrates and step up on behalf of the Roman people.

This duty was no small matter. Interfering with a tribune’s business was punishable by death in Ancient Rome.

The free class of Roman people were called plebeians. The plebeian tribune was the first office of the Roman state that the plebeians were permitted to hold. The role was created on the verge of a massive uprising.

The plebeians agreed to work with the ruling class under one condition- that tribunes should be appointed to protect them from the power of the consuls. No member of senate would be eligible for this office, and the tribunes would be sacrosanct, meaning no one could interfere with them as they carried out their duty to the common people.

We at The Emerald Tribune take our namesake seriously.

We’re here to listen to your concerns, raise your questions and serve as a voice of the hardworking people in the cannabis industry. We are the small family farmers, the mom-and-pop shops and the anti-corporate masses that no longer need to hide in the hills.

Times have changed, but the tribune is steadfast, unyielding and dedicated to protecting our people.

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